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The Nurture & Thrive Sleep Program

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The Nurture & Thrive Sleep Program
The Nurture & Thrive Sleep Program

The first of it's kind in Australia, this program offers the ultimate support to you and your family through every step of the way in the first 2 years of your little one's sleep jour.

You don't want to do sleep training but it can feel like you're sacrificing your mental and physical wellness. You want to be responsive in your approach and that you're focused on doing the best for your child.  It can feel like a tough balance.

And no doubt your social media feed is full of information and tips about sleep and some of it might even be wonderful.  However, it's so hard to take all of that and put it together in a way that makes sense for your child, your situation and your family.  Or you find your way and then every time things change with sleep, it feels like you have to go through it all over again to work out what to do.

I want to offer you total peace of mind and confidence that you are doing everything to understand and support your child's sleep through the whole first two years of their life.  

No more stressful googling and searching

No more horrible feelings of failure, that you're doing it all wrong or at a loss for what to do

No more wading through conflicting and generic guidance

No more signing up to guides and eBooks that you find don't help your specific situation

No more courses that don't give you any tailored ongoing support & fail to walk the journey with you

These are such heavy exhausting burdens in the every day life of being a parent.

Let's ditch the stress

Let's shut out the noise

Let's create a completely different experience and journey of sleep in your home.

Let's grab back your joy

Let's get you feeling calm, confident and clear about what you're doing and why

Not just now but through every shift and change in the first two years of your child's life.

Let's free you of the myths and misinformation causing undue stress.

Let's get you feeling supported and nurtured through every step of the way

Let's get you equipped with life-time access to curated evidence-based knowledge

Let's jump into your peace and clarity through unlimited, tailored 1:1 coaching till age 2

Imagine having an expert caring coach and community at every step in your journey of your child's sleep in these first two years.  

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