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What a perfect gift!  The gift of understanding sleep so that your friends and family can parent with confidence when it comes to the sleep needs of their little ones. 


You can purchase a Sleep Connect for a friend or family member and they can book in when they wish or alternatively they can use this towards any of my other services.


What is the Sleep Connect service?


  • Holistic support service for newborn to 5 years old

  • Guidance that factors in the needs of their child based on age, health, habits and their personality 

  • Based on an understanding of the physical, neurological and emotional needs of their little one

  • Empowering them with information to lovingly guide their child to learn how to find their own journey to sleep


What do you get?


  • A beautiful voucher to give to the fortunate receiver of this gift

  • All the lovely feels knowing you have blessed them with a gift beyond value


What do they get?


  • Extensive questionnaire prior to consultation 
  • 60 minute video consultation providing guidance and advice

  • 5 days of email support

  • Recording of the video consultation

  • Invitation to the Baby of Mine Sleep Village Facebook group

How does it work?


  • I will reach out to you for confirmation of the name of the recipient

  • They can contact me when they wish to book in to arrange their consultation​

Sleep Coaching Gift

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