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Sleep support
sleep training

Whatever time of day or night it is. However you're feeling now. Whatever is going on.  I'm so glad you are here.


Let's work together to understand and prioritise your child and family's sleep without sleep training, and without feeling like there is nothing you can do to responsively support sleep.  Whether you're pregnant now or have a child up to age 6, support is available here.

Sleep training


'Wait it out'

Holistic Approach

This is where life-changing transformation can happen for your family to thrive.



I don't want to do sleep training but I feel I’m sacrificing my mental and physical health with going with the flow

I feel so different now. I feel so clear about how to support her sleep while also protecting my own rest and happiness.

I understand this is normal infant and child sleep but I wrestle with accepting that it cannot always be fixed. Is there anything else I can be doing?

It's like a huge pressure has lifted.  I have clarity with sleep, I'm not sweating the things that aren't in anyone's control but I understand why now. Letting go of these expectations has created so much more peace.  I might still wrestle sometimes though so love the ongoing support when I struggle with my headspace.

I want to be responsive but I'm also anxious about setting up bad sleep habits.

I wish I had understood all this sooner.  I feel such relief and feel so calm about what's going on.  A huge shift for us. Thank you!

Untitled (Website).png

If I don’t fix sleep now, we are going to be stuck like this.

The constant worry, second-guessing and fear about this was so draining.  Amazing to have a different way with it all.

I'm anxious and stressed that I'm causing problems with my child's sleep and development.

My mind was blown with how much wrong information is out there.  Have loved being able to stop the guilt and the stress. Everything I read was making me so worried!  Yay for really understanding it all now.


Cry it out

Controlled Crying

Single, intensive, limited focus on how your child falls asleep

Round pegs pushed into square holes

This is a completely different approach that will gift you a completely new way to understand and support your child’s sleep. To nurture your parenting experience as you walk that journey with your child.


Holistic approach that uncovers the many influences on sleep


A tailored approach for every unique child and family that breaks any one-size-fits-all moulds


.Gentleness and responsiveness driving every decision and action


Expert guidance based on evidence-based knowledge


Nurturing support for the mental and physical wellness of the whole family as the foundation for everything.

Trusted Sleep Expert for:

  • One Fine Baby Expo Melbourne

  • Nurturehood Australia

  • Gentle, Attachment & Responsive Parenting - Australia

  • BlackAnt - RTWell Corporate Program

  • Oogo Corporate Program

Image by Nathan Dumlao

There are a range of options on offer for both parents and also community groups, health care practitioners and businesses who are supporting mums and families.

  • 1:1 support

  • Signature Program 

  • Education & Group Presentations

Whether you're in crisis or just want to reassurance, whether you want to gain some knowledge and try things yourself or want to walk the journey together, there are options for you.

All support offered is created to serve you and your family in ways that align to responsive, respectful parenting.

Hi, I'm Annie.  As a Holistic Sleep Coach, I love to help families gain clarity, confidence and calm by understanding and supporting sleep without sleep training. 

I feel deeply about empowering families to thrive by ditching misinformation, conflicting information, and unnecessary pressures.


It's a blend of evidence-based knowledge, expertise in understanding sleep's interconnected factors and a passion for supporting the parenting journey to feel happier and calmer.  I offer whole lot of respect, compassion and nurturing support for you, your child and family.


Based in Sydney, I support families globally.



"Hi Annie, I just wanted to thank you so much for your in-depth plan for our little girl and our wonderful chat the other week. You honestly made such an impact to my week and I came away from it feeling 'heard' and empowered, so thank you. I really appreciate the beautiful, holistic approach that you have taken in putting this plan together for us."

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