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Newborn Sleep Mini-Course

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This mini-course is for you if you’re pregnant or have already welcomed your bub into your family. You want to: • Ditch the stress • Detour the mountains of misinformation • Avoid guidance that ignores biological and developmental norms when it comes to infant sleep • Steer clear of one-size-fits-all limited approaches based on sleep training methods AND want to: • Grab your calm, clarity and confidence. • Protect your physical and mental wellness as you adapt into life with your baby. • Be empowered with evidence-based knowledge that respects that rested children and families come in all shapes and sizes • Understand YOUR unique baby Welcome! You are in the right place! The knowledge here is rather different to anything else you might find. Course details: Session 1: Understanding Sleep (35 minutes) - empowering you with a foundational understanding of sleep including how this differs for your newborn and how their sleep matures including the hot topic of sleep at 4 months of old. Is your baby broken?! Session 2 (32 minutes): Normal Newborn Sleep - equipping you with the full story about normal newborn sleep Session 3 (40 minutes): Optimising Sleep - providing you some key ways to optimise and support your baby's sleep Session 4 (16 minutes): Your Approach & Journey - thoughts and ideas to protect your own journey as you support your baby's sleep. Myth Busting: Misinformation is identified and clarified throughout the sessions to help you detour the stress, confusion and frustration from guidance that is factually inaccurate, one-size-fits all and that may make no sense for your baby. Plus a Myth section busting some key myths. Learning Notes: these are provided as a supplement to the Sessions including some key and summary information for your reference including citations for knowledge provided.



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