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The Nurture & Thrive Sleep Program

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The first of it's kind in Australia, this program offers the ultimate support to you and your family. This program offers you an amazing trifecta of 1. Life-time access to evidence-based knowledge that frees you to have clarity about your unique child and family's sleep, enabling you to ditch myth and misinformation and limiting one-size-fits-all ideas. 2. Unlimited, tailored 1:1 support via small group online coaching until your child is aged 2. Specialised guidance not just now but through every shift and change that comes your way. 3. Facebook community where I offer answer to quick questions Monday - Friday and a place where like-minded parents can journey together. ​This is not just about sleep, this is about offering you a coach and community as you walk the journey of your child's sleep as a parent. It's about having someone you can turn to at every step and other parents who completely get it. The ultimate clarity, calm and confidence!



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